5 Sustainable and Eco Friendly Backpacks


What are Sustainable and Eco-friendly Backpacks?

The next position of sustainable products will be about some of our favourite backpacks.

A sustainable backpack is a backpack made from sustainable materials that can be reused or recycled. These backpacks are usually made from recycled materials, such as recycled plastic bottles, and are designed to be durable and longlasting. 

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patagonia - sustainable backpack

This company has a variety of packs that are perfect for any activity, whether you‘re looking for something casual or technical.

The Arbor and Black Hole eco backpacks are the most sustainable and eco-friendly options offered by the company.


Patagonia‘s sustainable vegan backpacks are made mostly from recycled nylon or recycled polyester, though some feature a percentage of virgin nylon or virgin polyester.

The Black Hole® backpacks are the best-recycled backpacks. They‘re made from 100% recycled polyester, which has been approved by bluesign®. This means that the exterior, lining, straps, and webbing are all made from recycled materials.

The Arbor backpacks are also made from recycled materials, and they are dyed with a solution that uses 1/2 gallon of waterless and 96% less CO2 per bag.

PVCfree, phthalatefree, and PFCfree DWR (durable water repellent) finish sustainable waterproof backpacks.


COTOPAXI - eco-friendly backpack

Cotopaxi, named after an active volcano in the Ecuadorian Andes, is on a mission todo good.” Founder Davis Smith spent a lot of time growing up in the area, and he wants the company to give back to the community.

For lugging purposes that won‘t make too much of an impact, shop for Del Dia bags. These are available in a variety of styles, from packable daypacks to Allpa travel packs with builtin packing cubes.

The (Re)Purpose Collection is a line of bags that are designed to make leftovers shine. These bags come in bold and fun color combinations that will make you stand out on the trail, in town, or wherever you choose to sport them.

Cotopaxi hopes that you will see the different color combinations as a signature of the artisan behind it.

1% of their earnings are given to the Cotopaxi Foundation, which then awards grants to various other foundations whose goals are to improve conditions in impoverished countries.

They also donate money and emergency kits to refugees and disaster relief funds, encourage employee volunteering, and give discounts to customers that also do good (like firefighters and first responders).


Del Dia‘s backpacks are made fromdeadstock fabric, which is leftover fabric from other companies production runs.

3. 8000KICKS

8000KICKS - sustainable backpack

This Portuguese brand not only offers recycled shoes that combine recycled rubber and algae with their signature fabric, hemp, but they also offer a completely natural sustainable backpack.

This backpack has a minimalist look with several stylish tricolor block designs. It is also functional, with features such as a laptop sleeve and front zip pocket.

The bags are 18L but can be expanded to 30L, and have a 15inch laptop pouch as well as an embedded USB plug.


Each backpack is made of 100% durable hemp fabric, which is ecofriendly.

Since hemp is naturally water-repellent, these packs do not require PFCs to be waterproof.


Their Portuguese and Chinese factories use approximately 50% and 40% renewable energy, respectively, and 8000Kicks works with them to keep increasing these percentages.

As a vegan shoe brand, 8000Kicks never use leather in their shoes or backpacks. This significantly reduces the carbon emissions from producing their shoes, as leather production emits 20 times more carbon than vegan materials.

4. Backpacks

Fjällräven - sustainable and eco-friendly backpack

Fjällräven, located in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, is known for its environmentally friendly practices.

They have such great sustainable outdoor backpacks that it will be difficult to find better ones.

They’ve got a great selection of sustainable men’s backpacks in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect one for your next adventure. With 55 colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your personal style.


Fjällräven lists their materials according to how environmentally friendly they are. Excellent materials are recycled wool, organic hemp, and Tencel®. Good materials are recycled polyester, G1000 Eco, and traceable wool. OK materials are polyamide, cotton, and metal buttons. Materials that they don‘t use are PFCs, PVCs, and angora wool.

The materials used in their sustainable backpack fall into thegood category because theexcellent materials would not be as durable.

Most of their clothing is made from waterproof Bergshell fabric, which is made from recycled nylon, G1000 HeavyDuty Eco (a densely woven blend of recycled polyester and organic cotton), and recycled Corylon for fabric reinforcement.

A few packs include bits of wool, which is either recycled or sourced ethically via their animal welfare policy. Their trekking packs bear an FSCcertified birch wood frame.

Their Kånken packs are made of synthetic Vinylon F, which expands when it gets wet, making the fabric tighter and the product weather-resistant without any chemical treatment.

Green business

Packs that only use one or two materials are easier for the brand‘s infant recycling program to recycle.

In addition to that, they work hard to design products that will last for generations. This is done through repairable designs, rigorous product testing, and durable materials. They want their products to have emotional longevity so that they never go out of style.

They have started the Samlaren initiative, where they are using leftover fabrics to create limitedrun capsule collections.

They purchase carbon offsets to support UN-verified renewable energy projects in order to become carbon neutral by 2025.


GULU MADE - sustainable backpack

Intentionally designed for organization, these backpacks are versatile and comfortable, with contoured and vented back panels and naturally curved shoulder straps.

Each backpack includes a padded laptop sleeve with a false bottom to protect against accidental drops.


GULU uses virgin nylon for its ethical backpacks because it is durable against tears, dirt, and water.


At GULU, we believe that yourbag should last as long as you do which is why we back our products with a lifetime warranty.

Why choose an eco-friendly backpack for your next trip?

There are many benefits to using an ecofriendly backpack over a traditional backpack. They are typically made from recycled materials, which helps to reduce your carbon footprint. Additionally, many ecofriendly backpacks are made from organic materials, which means they are better for the environment. Finally, ecofriendly backpacks often come with features that traditional backpacks dont have, such as solar panels and rain covers.


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