Sustainability Labels Explained – How to Recognize Sustainable Products?

Sustainability Labels
Sustainability Labels

Have you ever wondered what sustainable product labels mean? There are many sustainable product labels, and it can be confusing to know which products are sustainable.

This article is designed to help you understand sustainable product labels so that you can recognise sustainable products at the supermarket or in other retail situations.

There are three key factors that contribute to sustainable product labelling. These are sustainable formulations, sustainable manufacturing processes and sustainable packaging.

For example, sustainable formulas may include plant-based oils instead of petrol-derived mineral oils, sustainable fragrances in place of synthetic fragrances, sustainable preservatives instead of parabens, sustainable colourants made from clay or fruit extracts.

Sustainable formulations are sustainable because they use sustainable manufacturing processes. Sustainable manufacturing processes reduce energy consumption, air and water pollution and waste production.

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Sustainability labels

The FSC(Forest Stewardship Council) system is a revolutionary certification for ensuring forests are alive. It ensures that when you buy products made with wood and paper from these forests, they won’t be destroyed by cutting them down yourself or harvesting trees illegally in protected areas without permission to harvest timber outside of designated extraction zones under strict regulations set out through the international tropical Timber Standard (FSTS). The tick tree logo guarantees quality assurance because any product displaying this label has met high social & environmental standards which ensure sustainable use of resources.

The “tick tree” logo can only appear on items tested against FSTS—certified suppliers must follow very specific rules about how much forestland their business covers so there’s zero deforestation at all times while also adhering closely

The(Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable forest management in national forests around the world. It provides guidance on how to certify companies for their commitment towards responsible sourcing of paper and packaging products through certifications like Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The 2017 consumer survey highlighted 80% of consumers wanted certified organizations to use symbols which led them to become more popular than ever before with many individuals choosing these labels when they want honesty about where their purchases are coming from – whether it be food items or other goods! To receive this trusted sign you must either sell FSC-certified wood based materials produced by tree planting activities across its member(countries) only. pefc-logo



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