Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Water Filters for your Kitchen

ZeroWater 7 cup - screenshot

What are the benefits of Eco-Friendly Water Filters?

If you are aware of the materials, processes, and parts used in water filters and their impact on the environment, it is a more environmentally friendly choice to select a filter that is designed to have less impact.

There are many ways to filter water without using plastic cartridges, such as using a glass water filter or plantbased filtration. Choosing a water filter that is designed with sustainability in mind is a great way to help the environment.

How to choose a sustainable and Eco-Friendly water filter?

One of the first things you‘ll need to consider is your budget for a sustainable product. Pitcher and jug filters are usually the most affordable option and will typically reduce chlorine and heavy metals, such as lead, using a carbonbased filter.

The next thing to consider is what material the filter is made from. If you want to reduce your use of plastic for environmental reasons, look for filters made mostly or entirely of glass or stainless steel, with no or limited plastic parts. If your concern is for your health, look specifically for filters where plastic parts don‘t come into contact with the water.

Think about what you want from your water filter cartridge. Plastic water filter cartridges are difficult to recycle and create a lot of waste in landfills each year. Sustainable cartridges that can be refilled or reused offer a more environmentally friendly option. Ceramic filters are another ecofriendly alternative to plastic, as they can be washed and reused. They are not as common, but they are very efficient and considered one of the most powerful filter media.

10 Best Eco-Friendly Water Filters for 2022/23

1. Brita style water filter jug

  • Size: 26.5cm x 27.5cm x 11cm
  • Weight with filter: ‎816g
  • Features: 2.4l capacity (1l reservoir, 1.4l carafe); LED smart light filter-replacement indicator; softens water and reduces lead and copper and chlorine

Out of all the brands included in this roundup, Brita may be the first name that comes to mind when thinking of water filter jugs. The style is a good example of why.

This slimline water filter pitcher is designed to fit into any fridge door and has a comfortable handle for easy pouring. The removable LED smart light in the lid glows green when the filter is working at its optimum level, yellow when it needs replacing soon, and red when it is time to fit a new filter. It is also dishwasher safe.

The Brita style has a hinged paleblue panel in the lid with an etchedin Brita logo that looks smart and can be flipped open with your thumb to allow onehanded filling from the tap. It doesn‘t filter as fast as some of the other jugs on this list at 4 minutes and 28 seconds, but we loved the nononsense, doeswhatitsaysonthetin design and the affordable price that went along with it.

2. Phox v2 glass water filter

  • Size: 30cm x 12cm x 12cm
  • Weight with filter: 1,217kg
  • Features: 2.25l capacity (0.75l reservoir 1.5l carafe); refillable filter cartridge with choice of filter packs; reduces lead, copper and chlorine; dishwasher saf

The design of the Phox v2 water filter jug is unique compared to other water filter jugs we tested. We loved the modernist design with a turquoisedetailed black plastic reservoir. The jug is screwed onto an oversized jam jar which has a stabilising rubber base.

Although not everyone will find its appearance appealing, the refillable filter cartridge is an easytolove feature that eliminates the need for singleuse plastic filter cartridges. There are two filter packs available: the Alkaline pack produces water with a pH level of 89, which is higher than the average pH level of tap water (7). In addition, the Alkaline pack adds magnesium and sodium, which Phox says can help with acid reflux and aid sports recovery. Alternatively, the clean pack softens the water, which results in tastier tea and coffee.

The only downsides were the relatively slow filter time of 7 mins and 27 secs per litre, and the fact that the jug wouldnt fit in our fridge door or on the shelf. However, the appbased filterreminder indicator, decent capacity, sustainability credentials and affordable price more than made up for these slight quibbles.

3. Big Berkey

  • Made From: Stainless steel
  • Features: 2.25 gallons
  • Filters Out: Addresses 200+ contaminants
  • Best For: Powerful filtering/ceramic filters

A gravity fed water filter is more effective than other filters because it filters water more slowly. However, it is more expensive than other filters.

This filter is made from quality stainless steel, is easy to assemble and use, and is easy to clean. Internal filters are also long lasting, and you have the option to add separate fluoride filters. The spigot tap is plastic, but you can replace it with a metal one quite cheaply.

Ceramic filters are a more environmentally friendly option than plastic filter cartridges because they can be washed and reused multiple times.

4. ZeroWater 7 cup

ZeroWater 7 cup - screenshot

  • Size: 26cm x 12.5cm x 24cm
  • Weight with filter: 1,127g
  • Features: 1.7l capacity (carafe only); reduces lead and chromium

There is no dial, led indicator, or app to tell you when to replace the ZeroWater 7‘s rather large fivestage ionexchange filter. Instead, you test the filtered water using the waterquality meter included in the pack. The waterquality meter will read006 when it is time for a change.

The jug reduced the TDS reading of our tap water from 263 parts per million to 3 in 4 minutes and 13 seconds, which upholds the manufacturer‘s claim that the jug filters 9.6% of minerals, salts, metals, chemicals, and runoff polluting your drinking water. However, it is worth noting that the TDS score is not necessarily an indication of how well a water filter jug is performing, as not all are designed to remove, say, salts and minerals from the water.

The removablelid section makes filling the jug much easier from a design perspective. However, we did notice that when pouring the last quarter or so of liquid from the jug, the lid and filter compartment lifted away from the body of the jug slightly, causing the pour to be slightly uneven and spluttery.

This jug may not look great with that chunky filter, but it‘s a great workhorse for the money.

5. pH Replenish

pH Replenish screenshot

A water filter that is friendly to the environment, does not use plastic, and can also be used to make tea, coffee, or infuse fruit

If you want an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic, the pH Replenish is a good option.

This product is made from sturdy borosilicate glass with a stainless steel filter housing. It is designed to reduce chlorine taste & odour, as well as heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, copper & lead.

The replaceable filter pouch is handy because it means there is no plastic filter cartridge waste to add to the 100 million filter cartridges that go into landfill each year. Plus, the filter pouch lasts an average of 106 days for 2 people; longer than many other similar filters. Ceramic balls in the filter pouch also increase the pH of your water, making it more alkaline.

If you want to add fruit to your water for flavor, you can do that with this jug. The capacity is 1 or 1.8 liters, and it‘s made with stainless steel.


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