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15 Sustainable Clothing Brands to Shop in 2023

Sustainable Clothing Brands to Shop
Sustainable Clothing Brands to Shop

What does mean sustainable clothing brand?

A sustainable clothing brand is a brand that produces clothing in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

What makes a product sustainable?

  • How the clothing is made (e.g. using sustainable materials, manufacturing processes that don‘t damage the environment)
  • The working conditions of the people who make the clothing
  • The impact of the clothing on the environment when it is worn and disposed of
  • The transparency of the brand in terms of their sustainability claims

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1. Mud Jeans

Price Range £-£££
Website mudjeans.eu




Mud creates jeans that are sustainable and recyclable. With thelease a jeans concept, customers can order and wear any pair of jeans for 12 months, after which they can trade them in for a new pair. Muds philosophy is that without data or thirdparty verification, there is no proof of sustainability so the brand holds an impressive amount of certifications and frequently visits its factories.

MUD Jeans is based in the Netherlands, but they have a global mission. They’re proud to see more and more sustainable fashion enthusiasts join the MUD family across Europe. TheMUD Around The World series is their way of showcasing some of the places where MUD Jeans are worn. 

2. Summersalt

Price Range £-£££
Website summersalt.com



Summersalt, a travelwear brand offering sustainable swimwear, athleisure, and loungewear, turned to women themselves to inform its fit—10,000 women to be exact. Equipped with over 1.5 million measurements, the team has created a versatile and delightful line of garments, from color-blocking one-pieces to light and breezy sweaters. Summersalt pieces are responsibly made in WRAP- and sustainably certified factories, using materials like recycled polyamide, regenerative cupro, and cruelty-free wool.

3. Pact

Price Range £-££
Website wearpact.com


Pact is a brand that is very passionate about creating sustainable and soft clothing for both children and adults. They want to make a difference in the world and make it a better place. To make sure that their products are made in the most responsible and clean way possible, they go through great lengths to check their supply chain. The cotton they use is organic and nonGMO, which is great for both the farmers and the consumer. When it comes to basics and underwear, Pact is one of our favorite brands. They also offer carbonoffset shipping to make your purchase more sustainable.

4. Valentina Karellas

Price Range £-££
Website valentinakarellas.com


valgif_revised-Valentina Karellas

Designer Valentina Karellas creates high-quality, bold, statement knitwear from surplus yarn, so each design is a unique combination of threads. She handknits tube dresses in bold blocks of colour that are perfect for summer, and also offers refined yet brightly coloured beanies and mittens that will keep you stylish and warm in winter. We love that Valentina Karellas keeps the loose strands of yarn on her designs to highlight the brand’s zero-waste ethos and the rawness of her knits.


Price Range £-£££
Website cossac.co


COSSAC is a British brand that believes in creating timeless, feminine and versatile apparel sustainably. They promote the minimalistic concept of Capsule Wardrobes offering contemporary classics intended to be worn and cherished beyond seasonal trends. They use ethicallysourced, organic or low impact materials, and work exclusively with small factories on limited production runs to minimise waste and deadstock. Offering designled conscious fashion, they make it easy for shoppers to make better choices. 

6. Patagonia

Price Range £-££
Website Activewear


We admire Patagonia for its commitment to environmental ethics, its use of recycled materials, its switch to organic cotton, and its efforts to improve labor conditions worldwide.

Why is Patagonia switching to 100% renewable and recycled materials? This video looks at the current global challenges facing the recycling system and provides some answers.


Price Range ££

KOHR is a UKbased slow fashion brand that focuses on designing and manufacturing sustainable, innovative clothing. The brand has three main focuses to ensure its longevity, versatility, and traceability.

Their fashion collection is designed and ethically manufactured in-house. They are a made-to-order brand crafting timeless staples from organic and sustainable materials.

8. Lucy & Yak

Price Range £


Lucy & Yak is a sustainable fashion brand that produces its garments from organic materials. The factory workers who make the clothing are paid four times the state minimum wage. All of the brand‘s postage material and stationary are 100% recycled and biodegradable.

9. Amour Vert

Price Range £

Amour Vert is a company that focuses on being environmentally friendly. They use natural fibers and materials, such as hemp, wool, and organic cotton. They also partner with mills to develop sustainable fabrics, like TENCEL Modal and Lycoell. The company tries to produce their items in small quantities and near their San Francisco office. For every tee purchased, the company plants a tree.

10. Thought Clothing

Price Range £-£££


Thought is a Londonbased clothing brand that focuses on designing and creating beautiful, timeless pieces while also being environmentally conscious. The company has strong relationships with its factories and suppliers and makes sure that everyone involved in the production process is treated fairly and with respect. In addition to being one of our favorite places to buy workwear, Thought also donates its production samples to help women who are transitioning back into the workforce.

11. Rapanui

Price Range £-£££


Rapanui is a great brand for people who love spending time outdoors; even Sir David Attenborough approves of the company. Rapanui sells basics like Tshirts, jumpers, and socks made from 100% organic cotton, and offers them in bundles to make shopping easy. Rapanui is also a social enterprise that helps combat youth unemployment on the Isle of Wight. In addition, the company powers its UK factory using renewable energy and uses a closedloop water system for dyeing clothes that filters water so its pure enough to drink.

12. Asket

Price Range £-£££


Asket is one of the biggest brands, with more than 400 processes and facilities involved in the production of its garments. It already publishes details of 93 per cent of its supply chain (up 6 per cent from last year) from raw materials to cut and sew factories. The brand prefers to focus on responsibility and refuses to design for fashion seasons, instead creating timeless items that can be worn again and again.


Price Range £££


The goal of WAWWA is to create clothing that is environmentally friendly, fairtrade, and vegan friendly. They use ecofriendly materials, recycled materials, low-impact nontoxic dyes, and reuse their offcuts to minimize textile waste.

The environment rating for WAWWA isgreat‘. A high proportion of ecofriendly materials are used in its products, including recycled materials. Renewable energy is used in its supply chain to reduce its climate impact. Low-impact, nontoxic dyes are used in all products. Textile waste is minimized by reusing offcuts.

14. Ribo Lab

The name Vildnis comes from the Danish word forwildness,” and this ethos runs through the brand. From designs inspired by the beauty of the natural world to its commitment to sustainable manufacturing and materials, Vildnis is all about making ethical fashion the norm. The brand works to a triple bottom line holding itself accountable to social and environmental goals as well as financial ones. All workers in the factories the brand partners with are paid above the state minimum wage, and it continues to lobby to increase this to a living wage. Vildnis also proves sustainable style can be wild, free, sexy, and rebellious.

15. Two Days Off

Price Range £-££
Website twodaysoff.com


Two Days Off is a brand that is owned and operated by a woman from Los Angeles. This brand has a line of linen, cotton, and hemp basics that are made with natural fibers or deadstock fabrics. These fabrics can be recycled or biodegrade after use. Most of the basics from this brand are made to order or crafted in small batches. This makes the brand more responsible because there is no excess waste. All orders from this brand ship without any plastic. This brand is also carbonneutral. This means that it is as sustainable as you can get!