6 Reasons why houseplants are good for your well-being

6 Reasons why houseplants are good for your well-being

Let’s face it. Most of us are not great plant keepers.

However, this shouldn’t stop you from researching and trying out different types of plants. It’s not rocket science to provide water and sunshine to a plant.

Not to mention, there are many great benefits to it. In the light of this statement, we’re going to list some of those benefits and maybe persuade you to peruse the plant section next time you go to the supermarket.

Improving your mood

Plants improve your overall well-being and mood.

That’s not a secret.

For аges, humankind has been thriving on all types of plants for food, clothing, and shelter. They have been the remedy and the poison for decades.

When modern people are surrounded by nature, it brings back all those long-forgotten memories and experiences of their ancestors.

6 Reasons why houseplants are good for your well-being

It’s just like when you are upset and need time to think, you go on a hike in the mountain or just a walk. Nature is calming, and our soul needs it.

One study in Norway involved getting 28 new plants in a lung rehab centre, proved that the residents of the centre who were closer to the plants felt happier than those who weren’t.

Have you been feeling down lately? Grab yourself a little plant in a pot with cheerful colours.

Reducing stress levels

Green is a relaxing colour for the eyes, and there are great results shown by people who got in horticulture therapy.

This therapy is gardening organized by a licensed therapist that’s set to improve one’s well-being in a rehabilitation environment.

Moreover, when you’re taking care of a plant, your mind is in a different place, just like doing a puzzle. You have to be mindful of how much water you put in, how much soil, and be careful when repotting it.

There are many nooks and crannies of gardening, and you may as well start off your plant adventure with a succulent. Make the stress less.

Increasing your productivity (adding plants to office environments in particular)

You can boost your productivity at work by adding a few little plants to your desk. A study by the University of Exeter shows that employees’ productivity increased by 15% when they got some plants at their office.

Their ability to reduce stress is directly linked to productivity since when you’re calm, you’re more creative and focused.

So, whether you’re home office-based or at your office, grab some colourful pots and use the power of nature to do your tasks better.

6 Reasons why houseplants are good for your well-being

Increasing the speed of reaction in a computer task

This is another benefit resulting from you becoming more calm and productive thanks to the plants around you. When you’re on your computer, there are many ways to distract yourself, and having 2 or 3 plants can redirect your attention.

They provide clarity and focus, so you can get your job done and tick off those last tasks for the week.

Reducing blood pressure

When you have lower anxiety and stress, your nervous system activity is normalized, and your blood pressure is suppressed. As we already mentioned, by caring and looking at houseplants, your stress will be a distant memory.

Thus, you’ll have to get rid of those blood pressure pills because your new medicine is greenery.

Reducing the air pollution in your room

Why do you walk in the park? Apart from exercise, you go there to breathe in that sweet fresh air. And we all know the importance of breathing for our well-being.

Indoor spaces are usually polluted with

  • carbon monoxide
  • asbestos
  • mould

If your ventilation is not adequate, then chances are high you’re breathing in polluted air. This could be not good in the long run, and it infects your mood and health deeply.

Plants can take in carbon monoxide. Not only this, but the roots and leaves also absorb all sorts of pollutants.

Greenery is the best humidifier that can regulate indoor air, which can prevent mould.

Gary L. Altman, the Horticultural Therapy Program associate director at Rutgers, says that between 6 and 8 medium plants in a big room can genuinely change the air quality.

In order to keep them up to a standard, clean their leaves from dust and take them outdoors for a while to soak up the sun and recharge.

That’s it! We hope we inspired you so you can go to the garden centre and pick up your first batch of plants.



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