Global warming

What is global warming and what is causing it?

The rapid and ongoing changes in the Earth’s average temperatures are continually measured and addressed by hundreds of national, international, and non-governmental organizations worldwide. Anyway, there is still a common misconception regarding some of the...
Period Poverty

What is Period Poverty, And Who is Affected By It?

The term “period poverty” refers to troubled or limited access to sanitary products for women and girls during their monthly menstruation period. The issue produces a negative impact on multiple aspects of a woman’s...
Morning Meditation

Morning Meditation: All You Need To Know

Meditation is a unique practice where a person uses a specific technique to train their attention and awareness, clear their mind, and manage their emotional state. Meditations can vary in approach, continuation, and objectives,...

How to Become a Conscious Consumer? 9 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Something

Conscious consumerism is gradually evolving from a rather exotic concept to a global trend for millions of individuals. That is some good news because as we already know consumers are the ones who drive...

Tesla vs Nio: The Competition For The World’s Largest EV Market Is Becoming Fierce

The 21st century is the time of the technologies. They are all around us and, even if we think that they are an integral, important part of our existence, we must not forget the...
Why should we buy sustainable products

Why should we buy sustainable products?

Buying sustainable products could be a bit on the expensive side, but there are many perks to going down that road. The first one is that such products last longer. They are usually made from...
Global Temperature Graph image (2)

Global temperature Graphs: where are we heading?

Even though the Earth’s temperature has changed over the course of its history, no other species like humans have forced the drastic change we’re witnessing today. Unsurprisingly, analysing the global temperature statistics for recent decades...

Аre we one step closer to reducing the carbon footprint from multi-cloud computing?

In case you are still unfamiliar with the term: cloud computing is large-scale, shared IT infrastructure accessible over the internet. At the rise of this technology - a vital part of the Fourth Industrial...