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How much it costs to charge an electric car?


The cost of running an electric vehicle is similar to that of a traditional fuel engine vehicle, as there is a variety of models, makes, and features available to suit all budgets. This means that anyone can afford to purchase an EV.

The cost of owning an electric vehicle is likely to be significantly lower than that of petrol or diesel cars, as electricity is much cheaper than fuel, and electric vehicles need less maintenance than internal combustion engines.

Charging your electric car at a public charge points

The fees associated with utilizing a public charging station for your electric car vary depending on the network and the specific location. Certain local authorities provide a payasyougo system for street chargers, and, in some cases, you may be able to use them for free if you are a member of a specific network.

The price of public charging points differs based on their power rating and type: slow (e.g. lampposts), fast (e.g. car parks), or rapid (e.g. motorway service stations).

Rapid charging points can usually be found at motorway service stations and might be free for some drivers, but it‘s usually viewed as a pricier option. 

  • The cost of charging with Pod Point‘s rapid chargers at Lidl is 40p/kWh, which translates to approximately £9.30 to £10.70 for a 30minute session, providing roughly 90 miles of range.
  • As of September 2022, the cost of most network rapid chargers is 63p per kilowatt-hour, which is approximately £19 for a 30 minute charging period.
  • Tesla electric vehicle owners can often access the Supercharger Network points in the UK at no cost.
  • There are other UK sites that have a tariff selected by the operator.

A Pod Point rapid charger at Lidl costs 40p per kilowatt-hour, resulting in a 30-minute charging session costing between £9.30 and £10.70, or enough for around 90 miles of range.

Cost of charging an electric car at home

Most electric car owners mainly charge their vehicle at home, so it‘s important to find the best home energy tariff to minimize costs; the cost of charging will be reflected on the usual electricity bill.

The cost of charging will vary based on the amount of charging you do, the type of charger you have, and the amount of public charging you utilize.

You could save up to £350 on the cost of setting up a home charge point through the OZEV grant, making it around £1,000. Unfortunately, the grant won‘t be available after 31st March 2022 if you don‘t live in a flat or rental accommodation.


Battery capacity Approximate electric range Cost to fully charge Cost per mile EV type
Nissan LEAF 3.ZERO e+ (2019) 62 kWh 238 miles £17.36 8.12p BEV
Kia EV6 (2021) 77 kWh 327 miles £21.56 7.38p HEV
Hyundai Tucson (2021) 13.7 kWh 32 miles £3.86 12.79p PHEV




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